Will UPPSC follow their Calendar?

We have been receiving 100s of queries about postponement of UPPSC Mains 2019, UPPSC Prelims 2020, RO 2016 Prelims etc.

We don’t have any official confirmation for any of these. Our assessment and information is based on current medical situation and authentic sources in concerned bodies.

UPPCS Mains 2019: 

Current Exam Date: 20th April

Status: RED – Not Possible on current scheduled date.

Reason: Current lockdown is upto 14th April. Which in most likely scenario will be extended for atleast a month. Even if government relaxes norms and removes full lockdown on May 15th, then also arrangement for exam will take at least 15 days.

Next Possible Date: Best possible scenario is June/ July 2020

RO Prelims 2016 –  This is scheduled on May 3rd. It will also be postponed as well. Most likely to be conducted in July 2020.

UPPSC Prelims 2020 – This is scheduled on June 21st.

Here 3 scenarios are possible:

  • If situation is contained by May end. Exam will happen on time ( 10% Chances )
  • Work resumes in June, Exam conducted in July, after PCS 2019 Mains ( 10% Chances )
  • Exam will be conducted in July last week or August first week, after PCS Mains 2019 & 2018 interviews are over. ( Most likely Scenario )






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