Can I clear UPPCS Prelims?

Yes, you can. To crack highly competitive exam we need three things

How to crack PCS exams ?

  • How to prepare for UP PCS Prelims 2020 ?
  • How to crack pcs exam in first attempt ?
  • How to prepare for PCS at home ?
  • UP PCS preparation material ?
  • How to prepare for UPPSC Prelims?
  • Best UP PCS online preparation
  • How to crack UPPCS 2020 ?

These are the one of the recurring questions and doubts we are getting on frequent basis from fellow aspirants in tonnes.

Let’s treat it like a disease

  • First we will look into the symptoms.
  • Then will analyse them and,
  • Find out the root cause of it
  • Then we will move to cure and find right medicine to treat it

First thing first, we are not considering non-serious aspirants who are preparing for namesake. Also we won’t be touching hard work, motivation, focus, concentration and other soft aspects related to competitive exam preparation. We believe serious students are motivated enough and working their asses off to crack this examination.

We are trying to solve issues of those serious aspirants, who are putting max possible efforts, and even then not able to crack. We want to help this section of aspirants.

See, to crack highly competitive examination like PCS we need three things:

  • Right Strategy
  • Right Sources
  • And lots of practice

Like 3 jewels of Buddhism, treat these 3 points as ultimate code to crack any competitive examination.

Today we will deal with 1st point i.e. “Right Strategy to Crack UPPSC Prelims 2018”

Let’s start with some data. UPPSC prelims pattern changed in 2016. Since then only GS Paper 1 is used to determine rank in preliminary examination.

  1. 2016 UPPSC prelims cut off was ~141 (Gen category)
  2. 2017 UPPSC prelims cut off was ~128 (Gen category)

Significant drop was observed in PCS 2017’s cut-off marks, as paper was bit factual & tricky.

Now in 2018 cut-off marks will drop even further. But this drop in cut-off marks is relative and due to negative marking. So now one has to prepare even harder to score well during prelims.

So what should be our strategy to crack this hard nut?

To answer this we would like to draw your attention on:

  1. “Importance of analysing previous paper”
  2. “keeping pace with recent preliminary nature papers conducted by UPPSC”

If we look into the previous papers of UPPSC 2015, 2016 & 2017, one can easily comprehend the weightage given to each portion of the syllabus.

So our strategy is primarily based on this analysis. To crack UPPSC Prelims 2018, one need to prepare entire syllabus as per below mentioned order & devote time/energy proportionately:

  • The most important portion is “Current Affairs & Economy”. Approximately 40 questions are asked from this portion
  • Then comes “Science, Environment & Ecology”. This section gets almost 35 question’s You have to prepare this on priority as well
  • Then comes Geography/ History/Polity. These 3 combined gets 60 questions weightage and split of questions among these 3 are almost equal. So based on your interest you can start with any of these
  • Last but not the least comes UP special, Census, Schemes & Agriculture portion. These combined makes remaining 15 questions of the UPPSC GS Paper 1


Along with this weightage knowledge, it is also very important to keep in mind the nature of questions being asked from these sections. Just knowing how many questions come from each section won’t fetch you good marks.

To get an overview please go through previous years questions papers. And to incorporate recent trends, changes in question patterns, keep track of various examinations conducted by UPPSC in recent time. Keeping RoI on time/energy in mind below mentioned papers must be analysed and practiced to crack UPPSC Prelims 2018:

  1. Last 10 years papers of UPPSC Prelims
  2. PCS Mains 2017 GS paper 1 & 2, conducted in June 2018
  3. AFO GS Mains papers, conducted in Sep 2018

Tonight, we will leave you guys with these thoughts. Will discuss “Sources” and “Practice” related stuff in next article.

Do let us know in case of any query/issue w.r.t. your UPPSC prelims 2018 preparation. We will be more than happy to help you out.

Target PCS Lucknow.

Can I clear UPPCS Prelims 2020?

In previous article we discussed about the strategy to clear uppcs prelims 2018.

In this article we will deal sources to be used by english medium aspirants. Have attached 2 images regarding the same.

Now comes the last but not the least “practice part”. To solve this problem we have created a quality test series.

How will this test series help you in clearing PCS prelims:

Content Preparation: We need to prepare whole syllabus and build a solid knowledge base. Selective study will not take you through in this cut throat level competition. Content preparation is similar to manufacturing weapons, which can help us in prelims war.

Revision: It is equally important. Just imagine a scenario, where you are going into a war but forgot to carry your weapons. Not revising properly is exactly like that. Aspirants put months and months in understanding those concepts aka creating weapons but due to lack of revision, they just forget their arsenal at home, hence bleed in war.

Practice: Most important aspect of your prelims preparation is “practice”. No matter how much you have read, no matter how good your weapons are, if you have not put efforts in practice, if you don’t know how to operate those weapons you are doomed. Its like writing on the wall.
PCS 2018 prelims examination will be conducted on Oct 28th, 2018: Lets maximize our outputs in the remaining 5 DAYS.

These mocks will:

– Streamline your revision
– Improve your understanding of concepts
– Provide holistic coverage of prelims syllabus
– Increase your time management skills
– Improve your option negation skills
– Help you in figuring out optimum attempt level (This becomes very important because prelims 2020 will have negative marking)

UPPCS / PCS / UPPSC Online Prelims Test Series 2020
Test Series Structure: What will you get

  1. 21 Mocks on new pattern.
    • 10 Sectional Mock Papers.
    • 10 Full-length Mock Papers.
    • 1 CSAT Mock Paper.
  2. 150 questions in each paper (Sectional split will be as per UPPSC PCS pattern)
    – 60 Questions from History/Geography/Polity
    – 40 Questions from Current & Economy section
    – 30 Questions from Science, Environment
    – 20 Questions from UP, Census & Schemes
  3. Current Affairs – will be part of each paper
    last 12 months of current affairs will be covered. August 2019 upto August 2020.
  4. Guidance Programm.

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