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How to increase your learning ability?

How to increase your learning ability. Four people on the field to run faster than each other.

How to increase your learning ability.

Most of us would have heard the saying “Blessing in disguise”. Due to the current coronavirus outbreak, almost everyone is at rest. Let’s use this time period to gain one or two lifetime hacks which will not only increase your learning ability but also put you ahead in the rat race.

The importance of learning cannot be underestimated. Learning empowers us to fulfil our ideas and realize our full potential. The speed of gaining new knowledge is practically as important as its volume. Who wouldn’t love to remember tons of information as quickly as possible? If you want to start learning faster, you need a new approach towards the process which would enable you to comprehend the essence of the matter and relate it with new concepts you encounter.

Based on various studies here are 6 steps to increase the learning ability:

  1. First and foremost things is to create a conducive environment for studies. If you want to increase your efficiency then you need to have an uninterrupted session.
    • Switch off your mobile or put on it on Silent mode
  2. Make a schedule and stick to it.
    • Without discipline, you won’t be able to achieve big things. When you follow the schedule, your subconscious mind is trained to act accordingly. Knowingly on knowingly it increases your efficiency
  3.   Try to mix audio, video, notes, etc while reading to make it interesting and long-lasting
    • When you make small notes on topics, your mind processes the read information and gives the summarized output. In this process, your memory gets hold of the concept and important data.
    • Similarly, when you use multiple modes, it reconciles
  4. Take help of Mindmaps, mnemonics while memorizing important data
    • Such vast syllabus can’t be memorized in a solo manner. You have to use these to improve the efficiency
  5. Study on a daily basis at the same time
    • Most of us get the nature call within minutes of waking up. How does the mind know about it? Because we have been doing it every day at the same time from our childhood days. Similarly, if you keep on doing the same thing at the same time, the mind is eventually trained to respond in the desired manner at that time automatically, in turn increasing your efficiency
  6. Have a little discussion on topics with like-minded people.
    • Remember your last fight with your love partner, don’t you? Yes. When you discuss things loud it sticks to mind. Then why don’t you use this while learning. Discuss those difficult topics with friends and let mind remember good things rather than storing pity “finger pointing”

If you are like many students, your time is limited so it is important to get the most educational value out of the time you have available. Speed of learning is not the only important factor, however. Students need to be able to accurately remember the information they learn, recall it at a later time, and utilize it effectively in a wide variety of situations.

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How to clear PCS 2019 in Single Attempt?

Lets address the elephant present in every aspirant’s mind space, How to clear PCS in single attempt ?

How To Clear PCS ?

How To Clear PCS ?

Have you read any NCERT book? Everyone has and is reading right now as well.

Pay attention to the structure of these books, what do you see:

  • First you have Chapter/Topic: Where concept is explained
  • Then MCQ type question: to make your comfortable with facts
  • Then Descriptive questions: for concept clarity and presentation

Our PCS 2019 Program is designed On same pattern:

This way you cover General Studies syllabus holistically in first 3 months of preparation.

Then you get one month break in Mains Schedule & Fully focus on Prelims.

After Prelims you resume with Mains program. This gives you a buffer slot for Optional subject preparation after Prelims as you have already covered your General studies portion during prelims preparation.

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UPPSC Calendar 2019-20

UPPSC has released calendar for 2019-20 session.

Pull up your socks and kick start your preparation as soon as possible.

PCS Mains 2018 – Oct 18th, 2019Click Here to Join our Mains Test Series

PCS Prelims 2019 – Dec 15th, 2019Click Here to Join our Prelims Test Series

PCS Mains 2019 – April 20th, 2020 –  Click Here to Join our Mains Test Series


Still thinking which test series to join for UPPSC Mains 2018?

This article is for those fellow aspirants, who are yet to decide which test series to join for UPPSC Mains 2018.

PCS 2018 Mains exam will be held on UPSC lines. This has been confirmed by UPPSC representatives as well; Read this news ( 3rd paragraph ). CLICK HERE.

We have incorporated the said pattern in our test series. Read below post to view samples from already conducted mock papers.

Syllabus covered and question split of Mock Paper#1

We are sharing a few samples from Mock paper#1 to give you the glimpse of the quality mock question practice you are missing:

  • Indian History question:
    • Question#14: Rabindranath Tagore in 1908: ‘I will never allow patriotism to triumph over humanity as long as I live’. Comment on Rabindranath Tagore’s unique approach to nationalism.
  • History of Uttar Pradesh

    • Question#1: In ancient times, control over Ganga-Yamuna doab has determined the strength and longevity of any empire”. Analyse
    • Question#2: Discuss role of Agra in Indian freedom struggle movement”
  • Post Independence Section
    • Question#5: Recently inaugurated “statue of unity” has created a lot of buzz among politicians and intellectual fraternity. In that context, discuss the contributions and shortcomings of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel
    • Question#10: Comment on the below-mentioned statement; “In the context of Indo-China War of 1962, it was a war China won only to lose” Also explain how did America come to rescue of India?
  • Culture Section:
    • Question#8: Outline main features of Dravida style of Temple architecture. Substantiate with example.
  • Culture of Uttar Pradesh:
    • Question#20: Variety of languages spoken in Uttar Pradesh is also the representative of the rich culture it possesses. Comment.
  • World History Section:
    • Question#13: Briefly describe about Kurds in middle-east region of Asia? “Separate Kurd state is not a distant reality. It is very much due in near future.” Comment on this statement in the wake of their fight with ISIS.
    • Question#19: Cuban missile crisis brought the world on the verge of next world war. Discuss why did USA & Cuba fall out? Also analyse the factors which helped to normalize the strain between these two countries

For any query whastapp/call us @ 7390023092

To know more about UPPSC Mains Test Series 2018 : CLICK HERE

Few Samples from Mock Paper#2

Question#1: Recently, UP Police’s encounter has been in news. Much has been talked about the campaign’s objective and effectiveness. Simultaneously functionality and perception of Police Department has also been put on public debate. In that context critically comment on below statement:

“Even after independence, our police force is colonial in its structure, as well as values”

Question#4: “Ruckus forces adjournment of Parliament for 18th straight day – April 2nd  2018” Statements like these have been common in recent times. Do you think parliamentary process w.r.t. bill passage needs modification? Analyse.

Question#10: Ram Temple in Ayodhya has become a burning issue again. Right now matter is in Supreme Court. If government brings ordinance for early construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya ahead of general elections 2019, discuss its implications.

Question#12: Odisha has joined 7 other states that have Legislative councils. Are these legislative councils waste of public money? Analyse.

Question#14: Comment on recent SC judgement on Sabrimala Temple Issue. Why did Judge Indu Malhotra had different view from others.

Question#19: What is Separate Statehood?  Do you think division of Uttar Pradesh into smaller states will improve its situation? Discuss.

To know more about UPPSC Mains Test Series 2018 : CLICK HERE

Our Full Length mock Paper (MIX), conducted in the November -2018

Question#1: Uttar Pradesh has 2nd highest maternal mortality rate in India. Critically Analyse “Janani Suraksha Scheme” in the given context.

Question#2: Uttar Pradesh has achieved high enrolment ratio of children in primary school. But issues like high absenteeism and lower enrolment in grade 6 and above are hampering the learning outcomes. Discuss.

Question#3: What role can Uttar Pradesh play in improving international ties with Nepal? Analyse it in the context of growing influence of China in Nepal.

Question#4: Discuss the role and importance of Uttar Pradesh in “Namami Gange Project”

Question#5: India’s Development is not possible until rural India is developed. In this context discuss how rural development agenda can be made more inclusive?

Question#6: Discuss how the design of MNREGA program makes it more successful than other rural development programmes.

Question#7: Unemployment has gone up in recent days, in this context analyse if reservation in government jobs can improve the situation.

Question#8: Critically analysed how green revolution has impacted agriculture sector in India.

Question#9: Arms race has heated up recently. What role Untied Nation can play in Disarmament? Discuss.

Question#10: Discuss feasibility of Prime Minister’s grand vision of doubling farmer’s income by 2022.

Question#11: In-spite of having better health infrastructure Uttar Pradesh governments are by and large unable to prevent deaths of children in Gorakhpur region. Discuss its causes and remedies.

Question#12: What do you understand by seasonal shifting of pressure belts? What impact does it have on the formation of various climatic regions across the globe?

Question#13: Discuss important factors responsible for the origin and modification of ocean currents?

Questions# 14: Highlight important factors those affects the location of nuclear power plants. Along with it discuss the benefits of building nuclear power stations on floating platforms.

Question#15: With increasing urbanization in India, the land usage pattern is undergoing major changes. Comment.

Question#16: The evolution of temple building in India can be attributed to factors such as changing form of worship, improvement in the skills of the craftsmen and the increase in funding provided by kings and rich merchants. Examine.

Question#17: Jyotiba Phule was not only a remarkable social activist but also a gifted writer. Examine the contribution of Phule in advocating the emancipation of the marginalized sections of Indian society.

Question#18: Comment on Japanese Industrial Revolution. And how it changed the power equation among existing powers?

Question#19: Ethics is the first line of defence against corruption while law enforcement is remedial and reactive. Examine the statement with suitable examples.

Question#20: Is there a conflict between morality and freedom? Discuss with reference to Kant’s view on categorical imperative.

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