Should we join test series only in last hour?

One of the reasons why we delay joining test series is that we want to prepare the syllabus first and then practice it with mock papers.
If you also think on similar lines, then this post is for you.
Syllabus of Prelims and mains is vast like ocean if you are planning to read it head to toe then you are doom to fail. You will never be able to finish the syllabus in time.
So what a smart approach would be?
Answer is, analyze previous papers and focus on areas which have been asked in last 20 years. If you cover only that much, success is guaranteed.
Whatever is not being asked in last 20 years, even if that comes how many aspirants will be able to do it? And to cover that how much extra effort and time one has to put?
This is where “Target PCS Lucknow” can help you!!!
Sectional test papers of both prelims and mains test series are designed to highlight those important areas of the syllabus, which have been frequently asked. Hence these sectional papers are designed to help you in content preparation first.
And once you are done with it, then you start with full length test papers which along with serving aforementioned purpose also helps you in improving other aspects of preparation like time management, reducing silly errors, figuring out optimum attempt level etc.
Thus both Sectional and Full length Test papers are serving different needs of the preparation and are equally important.
Fresh batches of below mentioned test series have started recently. Join now to kick start your preparation and give a definite edge to your hard work.
  • Prelims Test Series for PCS 2019
  • Mains Test Series for PCS 2018
For registration Call/WhatsApp @ 7390023092 or visit below pages:

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