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UPPCS 2024 – Online Preparation Strategy

How to crack pcs in first attempt?

If you are interested in clearing PCS 2024 and looking for best UPPSC preparation strategy then go through this article immediately.

UPPSC / UPPCS Online Preparation Strategy:

Go each component slowly and steadily. Request you to invest next 5-10 minutes in this article without any distraction.

UPPSC / UPPCS Preparation Online Coaching

UPPCS Preparation Strategy – Step by Step

Syllabus of UPPSC / UPPCS Prelims and Mains is vast like the ocean if you are planning to read it head to toe then you are doom to fail. You will never be able to finish the syllabus in time.
So what a smart approach would be?
Answer is, analyze previous papers and focus on areas that have been asked in previous years. then club it with standard books and fundamental concepts of each portion of the syllabus. If you cover only this much, success is guaranteed.
Didn’t you know this already, Answer is YES in 99% cases.
Then why aren’t you able to crack it?
Reasons are:

How can Target PCS help in your UPPCS Preparation?

  1. Right Guidance
    • Already Selected PCS officers will help you through out the enrolled course. You can discuss all your queries with them over call. Each batch will have dedicated mentor to help with all sort of issues related to preparation strategy.
      • We will start with understanding your current knowledge base & educational mindset. Accordingly preparation strategy will be devised
      • Decoding Syllabus next.
      • Discussion over paper pattern and previous trends.
      • Then move to section “How to start your preparation” ?
      • Which sources to refer? Fundamental Vs Advance Level ?
      • How many hours to devote daily ?
      • How to cover static course, revision and reproduction during exam ?
      • Current Affairs Coverage: How, when and from which source?
      • Notes Making: On Book or Separate copy/online?
      • Optional Subject selection related discussion
      • Answer writing related guidance
      • Essay preparation guidance
      • Hindi subject preparation guidance
      • Uttar Pradesh related syllabus coverage
    • All of these could be discussed over email/call. Queries shared are resolved by selected officers, who have the competence and wisdom to help you out in such confusing scenarios.
  2. Right Study Material
    • We provide complete booklist of standard and quality books/sources to cover your syllabus exhaustively, depending on your current knowledge base
    • We don’t believe in printing standard books in our institute’s name and charge triple amount for the same content. All books are nowadays available online at a very cheap rate. All you need the right direction.
    • Assigned PCS officer will help you to understand the syllabus and recommend books/sources as per your current understanding
  3. Disciplined Approach
    • We provide and follow a schedule; you get papers accordingly on time. Set your targets and stick to the schedule. This keeps your preparation on rightly paced track.
    • Also it provides complete flexibility in terms of attempting papers.
  4. Right Practice Platform
    • Both Subject-wise and Full-Length Papers are provided with the solution to help you in practicing your content.
    • Sectional test papers of both prelims and mains test series are designed to highlight those important areas of the syllabus, which have been frequently asked. Hence these sectional papers are designed to help you in content preparation first.
    • And once you are done with it, then you start with full-length test papers which along with serving the aforementioned purpose also helps you in improving other aspects of preparation like time management, reducing silly errors, figuring out optimum attempt level, etc.
    • Thus both Sectional and Full-length Test papers are serving different needs of the preparation and are equally important.

Sweating in practice ground saves blood during war. Similarly, poor scores and frequent errors and rectifying all of them during mock papers help you achieve fantastic marks during the exam. So shed your fear away and hit the practice ground, right away.

Fees & Enrollment

Prelims Guidance Cum Test Series Program: 1800 Rupees. CLICK HERE for Registration

UPPSC / UPPCS Prelims Test Series 2024

UPPCS Prelims Test Series 2024

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UPPCS / UPPSC Mains Test Series 2024

UPPSC Mains Test Series 2024

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We believe in quality and team at Target PCS will ensure that promises made during UPPSC / UPPCS Prelims and Mains preparation courses are delivered.

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UPPSC Mains 2022-2023 – Uttar Pradesh related content PDF

#UPPCS Mains 2022 -2023 enrolled students:

UPPSC Mains 2020-21 – Uttar Pradesh related content PDF have been shared on registered email IDs.

UPPSC / UPPCS Mains Syllabus for General Studies Paper 1, 2 & 3 contains few sections on Uttar Pradesh as well. We have tried our best to provide related and relevant content.

Syllabus covered in this PDF booklet:

Table of Content 

UPPSC / UPPCS Mains UP Specific Portion – Static Content
General Studies –I 
The Aryan Age
The Post Aryan Age & Maurya Period
Kushan Dynasty
The Gupta Age
Later Guptas
Muslim Rulers
The Mughal Period
Nawabs of Awadh
First War of Independence, 1857 and After
Culture, Art & Architecture
The Age of Buddha
The Middle Age of Synthesis
Literature & Regional Languages
Architecture, Art and Craft
Awadh Architecture
Shirqi Architecture (Jaunpur Sultanate)
Classical Dance
Folk Dances and Songs
Charkula Dance:
Painting & Rock Painting
Metal Ware
Social customs in Uttar Pradesh
Tourism in Uttar Pradesh
Geography : Human and Natural Resources
Location and Landform (Physiography)
Siwalik Hills and Terai Region
Gangetic Plains:
Vindhya Range And Plateau Region:
River System:
Forests and Wildlife (Flora and Fauna)
Mines & Minerals
Sources of Irrigation (Water Resources):
Some Other Important Topics
Major activities of “Revolutionary Movement” during the freedom struggle in Uttar Pradesh
Population Explosion in Uttar Pradesh
Regional Disparity in Uttar Pradesh
General Studies –II 
Lok Ayukt
The Secretariat
District and Divisional Administration
Democratice Decentralisation
Urban Local Bodies
Some Other Important Topics
e-Governance Initiatives Taken by the Uttar Pradesh Government
Importance of Boundary of Nepal adjoining Uttar Pradesh in India-Nepal Relations
Challenges of Internal Security in Uttar Pradesh
Non-Conventional and Non Military Threats in Uttar Pradesh
General Studies –III 
Overview of UP Economy: State Budgets
Basic Characteristics and Constraints
Overall State’s Economy
Structure of the State’s Economy:
Importance of Agriculture
Infrastructure and Physical Resources
Minerals and Heavy Industries
Human Resources and Skill Development
Skill Development
Major Schemes and Programmes of Central Government for Skilling
Government Programs and Welfare Schemes
List of Schemes Running in the state
Schemes Pertaining to Additional Energy Sources
Schemes for Farmers
Mukhyamantri Annapurna Bhojanalay Scheme
Scheme for Free Electricity
Suryamitra Yojana – Employment Via UPNEDA
Workers’ Children Scheme
Bhagya Laxmi Yojana
Mukhyamantri Swarojgar Yojana
UJALA Scheme
Other Schemes by CM Yogi Adityanath
Issues in Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry and Animal Husbandry
Issues and Solutions in Agriculture (including Forestry and Fisheries) :
Issues and Solutions in Horticulture
Issues and Solutions in Animal Husbandry
Law and Order and Civil Defence with special reference to U
Law and Order
Civil Defence

Ongoing Courses

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