First Free UPPSC Mains 2022 Mock Paper & Model Answers

First free mock paper and model answers of UPPCS Mains Test Series 2022 is provided for Free. Download it using below mentioned links:

  • It helps to benchmark the quality of questions

Question Paper_Mock Paper#1_English – Click Here To Download

Model Answers_Mock Paper#1_English – Click Here To Download

QCAB_Mock Paper#1_English – Click Here To Download

Sample of Uttar Pradesh Booklet Content _ Mains GS Paper 1,2 & 3 – Click Here to Check

Evaluation Copy sent by Student Sample – Click Here to Check

(few more copies as sample uploaded on this link. Click Here to Check)

Evaluated Copy of Student By Target PCS – Click Here to Check

Click Here to Download More Samples

Uttar Pradesh Special Mains related syllabus is covered by our PDFs. It is part of the test series.

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