UPPSC / UPPCS Mains Test Series 2020 & 2021 ( Online )

UPPSC / UPPCS Mains Test Series 2020 & 2021 ( Online ) has certain advantages that will help you become more prepared to face the mains examination, which is now based on UPSC pattern:

  • UPPSC / UPPCS Mains Test Series 2020 & 2021 helps you with content preparation, time management, presentation, and also provides a platform to correct grave mistakes w.r.t. answer writing; well before real exam. So that you can improve upon those mistakes and get good score during PCS Mains 2020 Examination
  • Mock papers cover a variety of questions ( Factual/ Analytical/ UP Syllabus Based/ Current Affairs Based ) which makes you well equipped to handle all type of scenarios & questions.
  • It also keeps your study plan on a track & provides a good check and keeps one on toes to perform better in these mock papers, which eventually increase your actual score
  • Last but not the least, It makes one mentally prepared to sit for 3 hours and focus on answer writing. 20 Mock papers will be good enough to get yourself in the desired examination mode & remove all your mistakes.

“Quality is the hallmark of Target PCS”

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UPPSC / UPPCS  Mains Test Series 2020 & 2021 ( ONLINE )


Guidance Program +  Notes of Uttar Pradesh related Syllabus

Total number of test papers = 20 Mock Papers

  • 8 Sectional – GS Test Papers
  • 8 Full Length – GS Test Papers
  • 2 Full Length – Essay papers
  • 2 Full Length – Hindi Papers
  • Available in English Language only.

We will cover entire syllabus with sectional test papers and then move to full length papers to provide examination practice

  • There will be 20 questions in each paper; evenly spread over said syllabus.
    • We will have factual & analytical both type of questions in all these mock papers.

Uttar Pradesh related GS syllabus in Paper 1, 2 & 3 will be provided in PDF format as Separate booklets. Full coverage of UP special syllabus in these PDFs.

  • Also Uttar Pradesh specific questions will be part of respective GS test papers as per syllabus

Detailed solution for each test paper

  • Along with supplementary information around each question.

Evaluation of Copies

  • Scroll below to section B to know more about evaluation process and evaluation parameters. Sample evaluated sheet is also attached there.

A) Schedule:

Download the sample Question Paper & Model Answers here or Whatsapp or Call @7390023092

UPPSC / UPPCS Mains Test Series 2020

UPPCS Mains Test Series 2020

Download the sample Question Paper & Model Answers here or Whatsapp or Call @7390023092

UPPCS Mains 2021 Schedule

UPPSC / UPPCS Mains Test Series 2021

UPPSC / UPPCS Mains Test Series 2021

B) Evaluation Process:

  •  Question cum Answer booklet, Question paper & Model Answers will be SHARED WITH YOU on your email ID as per test schedule. You have to write your answers and then email your scanned answer sheets to our official email-id targetpcslucknow@gmail.com
  • We will return checked copies within 7 days
    • Detailed feedback will be provided on below mentioned components
      • Content Quality
      • Presentation Quality
      • Language Competency
      • Contextual Appropriateness
      • Answer alignment and structural flow
    • Evaluation will be done comprehensively and your performance will be rated on above mentioned parameters
  • Test paper evaluation will be done by highly qualified and trained evaluators, who have qualified UPSC Mains atleast TWICE.
  • You can attempt test papers as per your convenience, within the given schedule.

Sample of evaluated sheet is attached. See Below


C) How to register: 

D) Mode of Test Series:

  • Online – You will get Mock Papers, Model Answers in PDF format on your registered email ID. After attempting mocks you have to send scanned copied for evaluation over email.

24*7 Helpline number:

  • Whatsapp/Call us @7390023092 or write on our facebook page for any query w.r.t test series or your preparation. We are more than happy to help you out.

Why Join Target PCS Lucknow’s UPPCS Mains Test Series 2020:

  • We are providing 8 ( Vs. 4 in the market) FULL-LENGTH GS papers along with 8 Sectional Mock Papers. In total 16 GS Papers covering entire syllabus twice PLUS 2 Essay & 2 Hindi Papers as well
  • Minimum qualification of evaluators is “Should have Qualified UPSC mains at least twice” 
  • Timetable is flexible. You can attempt test papers as per your convenience, within the given schedule.
  • Our Test Series is based on both Factual & Analytical questions. Thus providing proper balance.
  • Model answers have supplementary information thus helps you in content preparation as well.
  • Continuous Chat/Email based support, available throughout the course

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