100 Days Plan – UPPCS Prelims Test Series 2020

UPPSC-Prelims-Exam-2020 - 100-DAY-Preparation - Target-PCS-Lucknow

UPPSC Prelims Exam 2020 – 100 Day Preparation

Look at the countdown image attached above. Close your eyes and think about it for a moment.

What kind of feeling are you getting? Only two types:

  1. Still, 100 days to go, will start after some time.
  2. Only 100 days left, Will try next time.

Let’s start with the 2nd scenario.

If you are also thinking that only 100 days are left and you can’t crack it this time. Then you are wrong. 100 days are good enough to prepare for prelims, provided you have:

  • Right Guidance
  • Right Resources
  • Practice Ground

If you are wondering how to fulfill above-mentioned requirement. The answer is our “Guidance Cum Test Series Program for UPPCS -2020”

  • Right Guidance: You get complete guidance, one to one basis on our chat facility. Get your personalized strategy depending upon your current preparation level.
  • Right Resources: Discuss it with our content team and procure standard material to cover entire syllabus exhaustively. We will also help you with UPPCS specific current affairs monthly PDF & Uttar Pradesh Special G.K. Syllabus.
  • Practice Ground:
    • First we will cover 10 sectional papers. Each Paper will have 150 question, covering all important topics of the said syllabus
    • Then we will cover 10 full-length papers. Based on latest pattern followed by UPPCS in last 4 years. 1 CSAT Paper, 150 questions each paper. Also covering ~500 questions from current affairs of 12 months

This is best way to utilize remaining 100+ days, which also gives a realistic chance at Dec 15th, D-Day. Even if you fail, these efforts will prepare a solid ground for next attempt.

And if you fall in first category, thinking still 100 days are left. Then lets make your assumption fail proof together.

Practice these 21 mock papers, these will help you in many ways:

  • Improve your understanding of concepts
  • Provide holistic coverage of prelims syllabus
  • Streamline your revision
  • Increase your time management skills
  • Option negation skills will increase
  • Help you in figuring out optimum attempt level (This becomes very important because prelims 2020 will have negative marking)

CLICK HERE to join “Guidance Cum Test Series Program for UPPCS -2020”

UPPSC / UPPCS Prelims Test Series 2020

UPPCS Prelims Test Series 2020


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