Ethics Question on Nestle’s Controversial Advertisement

#UPPCS Mains 2018

Ethics question on nestle India’s controversial advertisement? Write your answer in 250 words!!!

A) How will you justify Nestle India’s advertisement as their Brand Manager? Is there any ethical conflict as well?

B) Is this advertisement misleading? If yes, explain measures/actions you will take as a competent authority of consumer affairs.

Nestle India Case – Lead found in Maggi!!

January 4th, 2019 – Supreme Court found conclusive evidence of lead in maggi. 640 crore penalty imposed and tonnes of maggi stock destroyed.

January 6th, 2019 – Nestle India (Maggi) comes up with big banner ad in leading newspapers stating “Maggi was safe and it is”


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      Format: Introduction & body part part are good but conclusion is missing.
      Language competency: Few grammar related mistakes. Ex- ” All those who advertise false……. product is (instead should have been used “are”) liable
      Presentation: Major portion is in good form but few words/portions are written in poor handwriting hence not legible.
      Content: Problems associated with misleading advertisements are well explained. But current check and balances available in the form of various acts/preventive bodies not explained. Few other cases could have been referred as well to showcase the strength/weakness of the existing framework. Measure suggested by you will make the process very slow as one has to review each advertisement before running. Unnecessary redtapism will creep in. Try to think more innovative ways to curb it.

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