Exam Strategy for PCS Prelims 2021 – 9 Days to go

Dear Aspirants,

Many heart filled best wishes for the upcoming UPPSC exam from all of us at Target PCS.

As the exam is approaching, many of you must be getting anxious for the big day and may have many queries regarding how to attempt the question paper so as to get through the tough most initial step.

Well to provide you some relief we have prepared this write up. Please go through it very patiently and we are sure you will be benefited from it.


  1. Try to stay calm in the upcoming 10 days and on 24th October.


  1. Revise thoroughly whatever you have learnt in this long journey. Remember this exam syllabus is such a wide ocean that it’s practically impossible to read and remember everything. So it’s better to revise whatever you have learnt and use that for elimination technique.


  1. For eliminating options always remember few points-
    • Statements with extreme words like only , surely are most of the time wrong.
    • Try to relate the statement specially for history questions with other contemporary events and negate those which seems wrong.


  1. UP PCS exam has 0.33 or 1/ 3 negative marking. Looking at previous years cutoff as of 2019, it is around 125 to 135 marks out of 200. So anyone attempting 100 to 110 questions correct have fair chance of writing the mains.


  1. So a possible strategy to attempt prelims exam should be first to attempt those questions which you have 100% confidence. Then try those questions in which you some familiar options by using elimination techniques.


  1. If after this you have attempted 120 – 125 questions then don’t take further risk else take a calculated risk so as not to lose more marks in negative marking.


  1. Remember three wrong guesses will cost  you one right answer. So be calculative while taking risk.


  1. Rest believe in yourself and the hard work which you put in even in these trying time. And always remember an exam is just an exam, this is not the end of the world. Stay positive and remember you are competing in one of the toughest exams for which many even can’t gather courage to appear.


  1. Stay happy, stay healthy, take proper food and ample rest. Remember you have given your best in preparation and now will give your best in examination hall.


So stay back and share if you have more queries. We will try to answer them.

We will pray to God that may you all come out with flying colours.


All the best!!!

Team Target PCS

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