Strategy to Cover Uttar Pradesh related Syllabus – UPPSC Mains 2021

Dear Aspirant,

State specific Mains questions are most of the time direct factual questions. And if you are well aware of the facts, then they are just the Cake Walk!!!!! But hold on, not just the facts you should equally be able to present the facts in best way to get the best score.

Always try to write the answer in points so as not to look as an essay, but if required to be written in paragraph, then also try to write small paragraphs and highlight or underline important terms and facts. This will save invigilator’s time and energy to find keywords in your answer. And Voila!! You will surely be rewarded.

Also try to relate static facts with Current affairs of the state. Like this year we have Panchayat elections in Uttar Pradesh, so it will increase the chance of question on Panchayat system and its history and hierarchy in UP. Also, because of Covid Pandemic there increases probability of question on disaster management, health services and specific schemes of Uttar Pradesh.

So, Keep your preparations in line with this. Material provided in our Mains Test Series Program is up to date and contain most relevant information elaborated to meet Mains requirement. But additions are always a great help. So you can always use these notes as supplement to your preparation.

All The Very Best!!!!

Stay Safe and Stay Focused.

We are covering Uttar Pradesh related syllabus by three means:

  1. UP Specific Content PDF
  2. UP Specific Dedicated Question/Answer Bank
  3. UP Specific questions in respective mocks in our test series

UPPSC Mains Test Series 2021 schedule and other details available on this link. CLICK HERE!!!



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