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How to Increase Your Learning Ability?

How to increase your learning ability. Four people on the field to run faster than each other.

How to increase your learning ability.

Most of us would have heard the saying “Blessing in disguise”. Due to the current coronavirus outbreak, almost everyone is at rest. Let’s use this time period to gain one or two lifetime hacks which will not only increase your learning ability but also put you ahead in the rat race.

The importance of learning cannot be underestimated. Learning empowers us to fulfil our ideas and realize our full potential. The speed of gaining new knowledge is practically as important as its volume. Who wouldn’t love to remember tons of information as quickly as possible? If you want to start learning faster, you need a new approach towards the process which would enable you to comprehend the essence of the matter and relate it with new concepts you encounter.

Based on various studies here are 6 steps to increase the learning ability:

  1. First and foremost things is to create a conducive environment for studies. If you want to increase your efficiency then you need to have an uninterrupted session.
    • Switch off your mobile or put on it on Silent mode
  2. Make a schedule and stick to it.
    • Without discipline, you won’t be able to achieve big things. When you follow the schedule, your subconscious mind is trained to act accordingly. Knowingly on knowingly it increases your efficiency
  3.   Try to mix audio, video, notes, etc while reading to make it interesting and long-lasting
    • When you make small notes on topics, your mind processes the read information and gives the summarized output. In this process, your memory gets hold of the concept and important data.
    • Similarly, when you use multiple modes, it reconciles
  4. Take help of Mindmaps, mnemonics while memorizing important data
    • Such vast syllabus can’t be memorized in a solo manner. You have to use these to improve the efficiency
  5. Study on a daily basis at the same time
    • Most of us get the nature call within minutes of waking up. How does the mind know about it? Because we have been doing it every day at the same time from our childhood days. Similarly, if you keep on doing the same thing at the same time, the mind is eventually trained to respond in the desired manner at that time automatically, in turn increasing your efficiency
  6. Have a little discussion on topics with like-minded people.
    • Remember your last fight with your love partner, don’t you? Yes. When you discuss things loud it sticks to mind. Then why don’t you use this while learning. Discuss those difficult topics with friends and let mind remember good things rather than storing pity “finger pointing”

If you are like many students, your time is limited so it is important to get the most educational value out of the time you have available. Speed of learning is not the only important factor, however. Students need to be able to accurately remember the information they learn, recall it at a later time, and utilize it effectively in a wide variety of situations.

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UPPCS Mains 2019 – 50 Most Important Current Topics

UPPCS Mains 2019 is due in ~40 days. Here are few important topics for UPPSC Mains 2019 General Studies paper 1, 2 and 3:

UPPCS Mains 2019 - 2020

UPPCS Mains 2019

General Studies Paper#1:

  1. Sexual Harassment at workplace.
  2. Forest Rights Act
  3. Reservation for economically weaker section
  4. Law to Ban Certain Social Practices
  5. Sabrimala Case: Women and their rights
  6. Uniform Civil Code: Need for Modern Society
  7. Women & their participation in the labor market

General Studies Paper#2:

  1. Article 370: Removal and its impact
  2. Delhi Statehood Dispute
  3. Ayodhya Case: A Historical Judgment
  4. Aadhar Card: Privacy Vs Welfare Methodology debate
  5. Election Funding
  6. Freedom of Speech: Rights with responsibilities
  7. President’s Ordinance making power: Misuse of power or Need of the Hour
  8. Interstate Water Dispute: Ever-going Issue
  9. Judicial Overreach Vs Judicial Activism
  10. Media: Freedom of reporting Vs Responsible reporting
  11. Crackdown on NGOs
  12. Supreme Court Judgment on Usage of Caste, Religion during Election
  13. Decreased Productivity of Parliament
  14. Lateral entry in civil services
  15. National Register of Citizens
  16. Mob Lynching and increased occurrences
  17. RTI & recent changes & their impact
  18. Reservation in Promotion: Justified or not?
  19. Amendments to the prevention of corruption act
  20. Sedition Law: Usage is fair or not?
  21. NITI Ayog: Assess the role
  22. RCEP & India
  23. SAARC & ASEAN: Co-relation and learning
  24. The new rule of data surveillance: Good or Bad
  25. Election commission of India: Role in the changed scenario
  26. National Education Policy 2019

General Studies Paper#3:

  1. Improvement in MSP mechanism: Price Deficiency Payment Mechanism
  2. Agrarian Crisis: Status Quo Maintained
  3. Social Media and related burning issues
  4. Merger of PSU Banks
  5. Economics of Farm Loan Waiver & Its effectiveness
  6. Ayushman Bharat: How effective will it be in providing a remedy to the health of India?
  7. Doubling Farmer’s Income by 2022
  8. Changes in e-commerce rules
  9. Increasing unemployment and related challenges
  10. National Policy on Bio Fuels
  11. National Digital Communication Policy 2018
  12. Climate Change & India’s Effort
  13. Water Crisis in India: Remedies
  14. Plastic Pollution: Single-Use Plastic.
  15. Electrical vehicles in India
  16. India’s Dominance in Space: Mission Shakti
  17. Spending on Science Vs. Social welfare?
  18. Artificial Intelligence and related consequences

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UPPSC Mains 2022-2023 – Uttar Pradesh related content PDF

#UPPCS Mains 2022 -2023 enrolled students:

UPPSC Mains 2020-21 – Uttar Pradesh related content PDF have been shared on registered email IDs.

UPPSC / UPPCS Mains Syllabus for General Studies Paper 1, 2 & 3 contains few sections on Uttar Pradesh as well. We have tried our best to provide related and relevant content.

Syllabus covered in this PDF booklet:

Table of Content 

UPPSC / UPPCS Mains UP Specific Portion – Static Content
General Studies –I 
The Aryan Age
The Post Aryan Age & Maurya Period
Kushan Dynasty
The Gupta Age
Later Guptas
Muslim Rulers
The Mughal Period
Nawabs of Awadh
First War of Independence, 1857 and After
Culture, Art & Architecture
The Age of Buddha
The Middle Age of Synthesis
Literature & Regional Languages
Architecture, Art and Craft
Awadh Architecture
Shirqi Architecture (Jaunpur Sultanate)
Classical Dance
Folk Dances and Songs
Charkula Dance:
Painting & Rock Painting
Metal Ware
Social customs in Uttar Pradesh
Tourism in Uttar Pradesh
Geography : Human and Natural Resources
Location and Landform (Physiography)
Siwalik Hills and Terai Region
Gangetic Plains:
Vindhya Range And Plateau Region:
River System:
Forests and Wildlife (Flora and Fauna)
Mines & Minerals
Sources of Irrigation (Water Resources):
Some Other Important Topics
Major activities of “Revolutionary Movement” during the freedom struggle in Uttar Pradesh
Population Explosion in Uttar Pradesh
Regional Disparity in Uttar Pradesh
General Studies –II 
Lok Ayukt
The Secretariat
District and Divisional Administration
Democratice Decentralisation
Urban Local Bodies
Some Other Important Topics
e-Governance Initiatives Taken by the Uttar Pradesh Government
Importance of Boundary of Nepal adjoining Uttar Pradesh in India-Nepal Relations
Challenges of Internal Security in Uttar Pradesh
Non-Conventional and Non Military Threats in Uttar Pradesh
General Studies –III 
Overview of UP Economy: State Budgets
Basic Characteristics and Constraints
Overall State’s Economy
Structure of the State’s Economy:
Importance of Agriculture
Infrastructure and Physical Resources
Minerals and Heavy Industries
Human Resources and Skill Development
Skill Development
Major Schemes and Programmes of Central Government for Skilling
Government Programs and Welfare Schemes
List of Schemes Running in the state
Schemes Pertaining to Additional Energy Sources
Schemes for Farmers
Mukhyamantri Annapurna Bhojanalay Scheme
Scheme for Free Electricity
Suryamitra Yojana – Employment Via UPNEDA
Workers’ Children Scheme
Bhagya Laxmi Yojana
Mukhyamantri Swarojgar Yojana
UJALA Scheme
Other Schemes by CM Yogi Adityanath
Issues in Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry and Animal Husbandry
Issues and Solutions in Agriculture (including Forestry and Fisheries) :
Issues and Solutions in Horticulture
Issues and Solutions in Animal Husbandry
Law and Order and Civil Defence with special reference to U
Law and Order
Civil Defence

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