UPPCS Mains 2019 – 50 Most Important Current Topics

UPPCS Mains 2019 is due in ~40 days. Here are few important topics for UPPSC Mains 2019 General Studies paper 1, 2 and 3:

UPPCS Mains 2019 - 2020

UPPCS Mains 2019

General Studies Paper#1:

  1. Sexual Harassment at workplace.
  2. Forest Rights Act
  3. Reservation for economically weaker section
  4. Law to Ban Certain Social Practices
  5. Sabrimala Case: Women and their rights
  6. Uniform Civil Code: Need for Modern Society
  7. Women & their participation in the labor market

General Studies Paper#2:

  1. Article 370: Removal and its impact
  2. Delhi Statehood Dispute
  3. Ayodhya Case: A Historical Judgment
  4. Aadhar Card: Privacy Vs Welfare Methodology debate
  5. Election Funding
  6. Freedom of Speech: Rights with responsibilities
  7. President’s Ordinance making power: Misuse of power or Need of the Hour
  8. Interstate Water Dispute: Ever-going Issue
  9. Judicial Overreach Vs Judicial Activism
  10. Media: Freedom of reporting Vs Responsible reporting
  11. Crackdown on NGOs
  12. Supreme Court Judgment on Usage of Caste, Religion during Election
  13. Decreased Productivity of Parliament
  14. Lateral entry in civil services
  15. National Register of Citizens
  16. Mob Lynching and increased occurrences
  17. RTI & recent changes & their impact
  18. Reservation in Promotion: Justified or not?
  19. Amendments to the prevention of corruption act
  20. Sedition Law: Usage is fair or not?
  21. NITI Ayog: Assess the role
  22. RCEP & India
  23. SAARC & ASEAN: Co-relation and learning
  24. The new rule of data surveillance: Good or Bad
  25. Election commission of India: Role in the changed scenario
  26. National Education Policy 2019

General Studies Paper#3:

  1. Improvement in MSP mechanism: Price Deficiency Payment Mechanism
  2. Agrarian Crisis: Status Quo Maintained
  3. Social Media and related burning issues
  4. Merger of PSU Banks
  5. Economics of Farm Loan Waiver & Its effectiveness
  6. Ayushman Bharat: How effective will it be in providing a remedy to the health of India?
  7. Doubling Farmer’s Income by 2022
  8. Changes in e-commerce rules
  9. Increasing unemployment and related challenges
  10. National Policy on Bio Fuels
  11. National Digital Communication Policy 2018
  12. Climate Change & India’s Effort
  13. Water Crisis in India: Remedies
  14. Plastic Pollution: Single-Use Plastic.
  15. Electrical vehicles in India
  16. India’s Dominance in Space: Mission Shakti
  17. Spending on Science Vs. Social welfare?
  18. Artificial Intelligence and related consequences

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