This Too Shall Pass

Dear Students,

Hope you along with your family is doing well. We know that this pandemic is not only taking toll of physical health but also mental health of every one. Still as it is known after every night sun comes for sure, so do after every dark phase of life rays of hope definitely shine through. So let’s be hopeful for everything to get back to normal.

Meanwhile we as a student and more specifically an UPPSC aspirants we are supposed to be strong headed as this is the testing time for your patience and perseverance. You have to concentrate on your studies along with all the negativity around you. You have to keep focusing on forth coming exams as Arjun focused on the eye of the bird. Remember everything will definitely be in place again and so will be our lives. So prepare yourself for that life beyond this tsunami.

For your studies part, we at Target PCS are always there to guide you and to help you with your doubts. Keep preparing. Focus on important Current affairs of at least an year and focus more on static GS topics associated with that news. Try to make a list of those static topics subject wise and revise them thoroughly.

Rest we will keep you guiding time and again. Meanwhile take care of yourself and your family. Stay healthy and stay safe.

Remember this too shall pass.

With best wishes

Team Target PCS

P.S: Special Thanks to Ms. Pooja Chauhan (Content Team)


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